About Us Videos

You’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

An About Us video is a great way to share your company’s offerings, values, and vision.

It’s primarily a broad overview that conveys who your company is to an audience that has little knowledge of your company or capabilities. These videos are ideal for the main page of your website or on the “About Us” page.

Just one About Us video can showcase:  
• Your impact and values
• Brand personality
• Main areas of expertise 

This is often the first video we recommend to clients who don’t have any video assets because it can be used for a variety of purposes and it can last for years before needing an update.  

Service Sample

CLIENT A-Core Concrete

LENGTH ~5 minutes


Compile 3 days of footage (30+ employee interviews plus B-roll) into one cohesive story
• Convey depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise in the concrete industry 
• Showcase core values, passion, and history of long-standing company 

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Organization Sample


LENGTH 1 minute


Compile 10 employee interviews and client testimonials into one narrative
• Share the variety of benefits that can come from a partnership with Ski Utah 

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Small Business Sample

CLIENT Orlando Tree Consulting

LENGTH ~1 minute


• Coach client through self-filmed interview and use existing B-roll to compile video
• Share the variety of reasons a tree would need a certified arborist and treatments
• Encourage potential clients to call and schedule a consultation

Filmed by client. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Corporate Sample

CLIENT Ancestry

LENGTH 2 minutes


Create a sizzle reel of Ancestry projects beyond what they’re typically known for
• Elicit an emotional response in the viewer and encourage corporate partnerships  

Footage provided by client. Edit by Melia Sigmon. 

Brick and Mortar Sample

CLIENT Rocksteady Bodyworks

LENGTH ~3 minutes


Explain the unique benefits that active individuals can gain by working with Rocksteady
• Convey the care, passion, and expertise that Rocksteady team members have for their clients

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Non-profit Sample

CLIENT Dance Marathon

LENGTH ~2 minutes


Give an overview of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement, it’s impact, and it’s mission
• Empower, inspire, and encourage students to be part of Dance Marathon fundraising efforts

Produced in collaboration with BW Productions. Edit by Melia Sigmon. 

Medical Sample


LENGTH ~2.5 minutes


Show quality and breakthrough technology behind products coming out of their new facility

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Non-Profit Sample


LENGTH 4 minutes


Compile multiple interviews, b-roll shoots, and programs into one comprehensive video
• Showcase the care and compassion that the team has for their work within the community

Filmed by BW Productions. Edit by Melia Sigmon. 

Local Business Sample

CLIENT Murdock Auto

LENGTH ~6 minutes


Weave multiple interviews together with b-roll to show the history and progression of the company
• Share core values that have stood the test of time

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Organization Sample

CLIENT Salzburger Echo

LENGTH ~2 minutes


Give an overview of services, products, and offerings

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory.

Non-Profit Sample

CLIENT For The Kids

LENGTH ~3.5 minutes


Explain the mission of the non-profit, the key contributors, and how they’re tackling the challenges of COVID-19

Filmed by The Jux Creative. Story/Edit by Melia Sigmon. 

Service Sample

CLIENT Spartan Sanitizing

LENGTH 1.5 minutes


Give an overview of the company, their services, and the science behind their process
• Show how they have serviced companies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

To deliver a consistent high-quality experience for the brands that we work with.


To operate Goldfish Theory as if every move we make will be live-tweeted by Gandhi himself.


To never miss a deadline, because your goals are our goals.

Delight & Excite

To be a source of happiness and positivity, no matter what challenges we face.

People First

To always have a vibrant company culture with a safe and inclusive work environment.

Constant Evolution

To stay ahead of the curve in an industry that evolves faster than fashion.

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