Complex Story Editing

At Goldfish Theory, we specialize in editing stories. 

We’re story magicians. We sit at the intersection of creative direction and technical video editing ability.

With years of experience weaving talking heads, Goldfish Theory has a 23-step process to take a project from footage-dump to ready-to-publish.

From one-person interviews to complex multi-day multi-cam shoots with 30+ individuals, we’re video editors that know our way around an inspirational narrative. So turn over your footage and go worry about the million other things on your plate.


We just get it.

Most of our work comes through other production companies!

Does this sound like you? “I planned to edit this myself, but I’m slammed with work.”

Goldfish Theory fits seamlessly into established workflows by being adept, adaptive, and delightful. 

We have edited hundreds of interviews for corporate brands, non-profits, small businesses, and individuals.

No contracts. No retainers. No arbitrary hoops to jump through.

Our main focus is short-form videos less than 10 minutes long.

This partnership is for you if:

    • You want an experienced editor that can work with minimal direction
    • Your talents are needed more elsewhere
    • The bottleneck in your process is post-production
    • You’re easy to work with

Working with Goldfish Theory has BIG benefits:

    • Impressive work always delivered on time
    • Willing to share completed project files (did we mention they’re super organized?)

    You don’t have to:

      • Sync multi-cam interviews or organize projects
      • Log footage (but we’ll take notes if they exist)
      • Provide hardware, software, or music
      • Storyboard, write scripts, or provide detailed direction


    • We act as an off-site duplicate of footage and working files
    • We can arrange shipping labels for external drives or offer Dropbox upload links
    • We send easy-to-use Vimeo review links for feedback (No more manual timestamps! No account sign-up necessary!)

Interviews Edited by Goldfish Theory

“About Us” Video

This 3-day shoot includes 31 unscripted interviews with a 2-camera setup, b-roll, drone footage, and historical b-roll.

Tags: Industrial, Company History, Web Use

Conference Video

12 hours of on-site conference footage edited in time for the conference closing session and social media use.

Tags: Conference, Nonprofit, Corporate

Brand Anthem

This Brand Anthem was one of a 12-part video series with 9 interviewees ranging from owners, to employees, to clients. 

Tags: Local Business, Video Series, Web Use

Event Video

Combined 20 interviews and additional historical footage to highlight event history and cause-driven mission.

Tags: Anniversary, Celebrity, Branded

Marketing Organization

This project weaves 10 interviews from a variety of stakeholders in the Utah ski industry. 

Tags: Informational, Testimonial

Award Recipient

This project features 4 members of a family-owned and operated business and their contributions to the local community. 

Tags: Small Business, Community Giving

Melia’s Reel

We’re experienced story editors.

Goldfish Theory is an Atlanta post production company and operates mostly remote. Let’s chat and see if we’d be a good fit!


Company Videos

Corporate Videos


Employee Recruitment/Engagement

Safety Videos

Non-Profit Videos

Mission and Vision

Program Information

Event Videos

User Generated Content


Award Show Videos

Retirement Videos

Women Empowerment

Community Leadership


What do you need from me?

We need you to maintain client interactions and reasonable feedback timelines to help us complete the project on time.

To make things easier on us, try to ensure all footage and assets are included in the initial transfer. Provide brand guides, logos, and fonts. All interviewee names should be provided and spelled correctly, and titles should be included if they’re needed for lower thirds.

What if there are changes after a project is finalized?

We keep a copy of your project and footage on file. It can be revived at any time with an hourly rate or project fee.

What happens if a project is going to go over budget?

It happens, but very rarely! Most of the projects edited by Goldfish Theory are completed and delivered within 2-4 versions. We notify you when we’re getting close to a revision limit or project cap to assess the extent of additional work necessary and to discuss options. Goldfish Theory can continue editing the project at an hourly/fixed rate.

How much creative direction do I need to provide?

If you have creative notes or must-have interview pieces, don’t hesitate to include them during the initial project on-boarding talk. At Goldfish Theory, we thrive with ambiguity and minimal direction. The basis of what we need to know is:

  1. Who the video is intended for
  2. What the client hopes to accomplish
  3. Approximate run time 
  4. Overall look and feel

With these 4 things, we can nail a project.

What if I need shorter versions or social cuts?

They are an additional fee. They can be built into the original estimate or added later in the process.

What is your rate?

We prefer project-based pricing. Please reach out for an estimate.

How does payment work?

We prefer 50% of the project paid upfront to begin work and 50% paid upon completion of the project. Invoices are sent through Quickbooks and allow for secure online payments. 

What if I'm unhappy with the work?

Don’t worry; we’ll make it right. We have a lot of happy clients and we want YOU to be one of them.