Meet the Founder

Melia Sigmon

Melia has been in the industry since 2011. She has worked for NASCAR and ESPN in addition to three award-winning production companies. As a freelancer, she’s managed on set with Coca-Cola, Adidas, Subaru, NBC, and HULU. She’s worked live events with A&E Networks, Toyota, and AMEX. As an editor, her work has been featured on SportsCenter, played during the Superbowl, and even got retweeted by Paris Hilton once. With a work ethic that earns repeat clients and organization skills that spark joy, she’s no stranger to a long day spent ensuring a project goes as smooth as a craft beer on a hot day. Starting a company has always been an idea tugging on her sleeve like a kid wanting mac and cheese at 6:45 in the morning. When a global pandemic hit, she thought “what better time to start a company…” and Goldfish Theory was born.

Melia’s Editing Reel

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

To deliver a consistent high-quality experience for the brands that we work with.


To operate Goldfish Theory as if every move we make will be live-tweeted by Gandhi himself.


To never miss a deadline, because your goals are our goals.

Delight & Excite

To be a source of happiness and positivity, no matter what challenges we face.

People First

To always have a vibrant company culture with a safe and inclusive work environment.

Constant Evolution

To stay ahead of the curve in an industry that evolves faster than fashion.

We’re social animals.