With the ever growing connectedness of the internet, it’s easier than ever to share your personality with the world. 

Whether you call yourself an influencer, a thought leader, a vlogger, or an individual on a mission to share your message, you’ve landed on the right page. 

This is often the video we recommend to clients hoping to share their unique story. 

Youtube Sample

CLIENT Swishie

LENGTH ~9-12 minutes


• Edit client-filmed weekly Youtube episodes 
• Use custom motion graphics package to engage the viewer, note key messages, and reference CTAs
• Pull thoughtful messages out of the longer videos to post and promote on social media

Filmed by client. Edit and Motion Graphics by Goldfish Theory. 

Here’s a testimonial from Lia!

Celebrity Award Sample

CLIENT Ruderman Foundation

LENGTH ~4 minutes


Compile stock footage, movie clips, and multiple interviews into an award video

Produced in collaboration with BW Productions. Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Life Coach Sample

CLIENT Power Passion Conference

LENGTH ~3 minutes


Show preparation and build anticipation for a conference recap using behind the scenes footage and interviews

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Reality TV Sample

CLIENT Young Bae

LENGTH ~2 minutes


• Turn an interview, b-roll, and UGC into a sizzle to pitch to streaming services

Filmed by Social Evolution Films. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Personality / Brand Sample

CLIENT Mercedes Terrell

LENGTH ~30 seconds


• Show behind the scenes moments at a brand shoot

Filmed by Impatient Cow Productions. Edit by Melia Sigmon. 

Writer Sample

CLIENT Marvin Peake

LENGTH ~30 seconds


Create social media videos with motion graphics to promote an upcoming book release
• Use a combination of existing copy, photos, and audio recordings 

Assets from client. Edit and Motion Graphics by Goldfish Theory. 

Celebrity Award Sample

CLIENT Ruderman Foundation

LENGTH 1.5 minutes


Combine relevant stock footage into an award video 

Produced in collaboration with BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Musician Sample

CLIENT Kjersti

LENGTH ~2 minutes


Combine interview, b-roll, behind the scenes footage, and live music track into a sizzle reel

Filmed/Colored by BW Productions. Edit by Goldfish Theory.

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