Product Videos

Customers are 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. 

If you’re selling a product, having a video is crucial for your customers to see the product in action.

One product video can be placed:  
• On the main product page or on shopping sites like Amazon
• In email campaigns
• On all social media platforms as posts, promotions, or advertisements 

This is often the first video we recommend to clients who have a product or product line to promote because it is more likely to drive product sales than any other type of video. 

Non-Profit Sample

CLIENT Extra Life

LENGTH 15 seconds


Incentivize fundraisers to reach a $2,500 milestone 
• Tease the product before unveiling it

Filmed by The Jux Creative. Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Commercial / Social Media Sample

CLIENT City Creek Center

LENGTH ~15-30s each 


Create one main promotional video for a shopping center and a variety of social media deliverables for individual stores

Filmed by BW Productions. Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Medical Sample


LENGTH ~2.5 minutes and ~1.5 minutes


• Demonstrate the installation of a new medical brace product, its unique benefits, and potential use cases
• Share the expertise that went into product design and the background of the company
• Encourage potential customers to purchase

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Tech / Kickstarter Sample

CLIENT eBook Bazaar

LENGTH ~2 minutes


Convey the importance of accessible books
• Encourage viewers to pledge money for Kickstarter campaign

Filmed by BW Productions. Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Gaming Sample

CLIENT Extra Life

LENGTH 30 seconds


Turn event and interview footage into a promotional video for an upcoming game release

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

eCommerce Sample

CLIENT Festivaults

LENGTH ~15 seconds each


Conceptualize, shoot, and edit clever social media advertisements for a stash safe company

Conceptualized, shot, and edited by Goldfish Theory. 

Remote Video Sample

CLIENT Frontliners Med

LENGTH 35 seconds


• Compile client-filmed content into video that shows comparison between competitor products

Filmed by client. Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

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