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It’s hard to run a business, especially when you’re still in charge of content! There are many reasons to work with us, but mostly, you get to chill knowing your content strategy is in good hands.  

Why waiting sucks

Every fall, agencies and production companies get these panicked companies trying to “throw something together” for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Years.

And because there’s only so much time, we all raise our prices and sell our services to the highest bidder. We just barely squeeze in a flurry of last-minute videos to help the small businesses out. 

It happens Every. Single. Year.

There is a big need for creatives going into Q4 and we want to be the ones to provide that for your brand – well ahead of time and stress-free.

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"Goldfish Theory has created Facebook and Instagram ads that have generated great ROIs for us. Ads by Melia always seem to organically come with engaging comments, friend tags, and most importantly SALES."

Josh Taylor

Owner, Festivaults

Let’s talk strategy

With our remote video package, Goldfish Theory can create a Q4 content series that will rock your world!


We will learn about your business during the free consultation call to hone your pitch, write a script, develop your shot list, and plan the shoot.


Whether you’re sending existing clips, shooting it yourself, or needing us to source new footage, we’re confident in our ability to create a polished ad for your company.

You send us what you’ve got and our editor creates a killer marketing video featuring a custom branded graphics package, licensed music, feedback implementation, and more! 


Oh, you thought you were done?

Your one ad isn’t going to single-handedly make the big bucks.

Usually, it’s the series of related-but-different retargeting ads that eventually closes the sale.   

have questions?

Our team has years of experience making branded company videos and we would be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss your unique industry challenges and how video can contribute to your marketing strategy!

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