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A high-quality marketing video is a great way to get more eyes on what you’re selling. We can bring your video to life no matter where you are located.

Goldfish Theory listens to your business goals, plans a script to maximize conversions, and edits your self-filmed video. This cuts production costs while creating an authentic representation of your company.

What you get

Get a beautiful video without ever having to step foot in a studio. We will use your footage, logo, and voice to create a story-driven video to show potential clients and customers.  This package covers:

  • Pre-production support to determine story angle, script, and most impactful call to action
  • Video with b-roll, custom graphics, and licensed music to highlight your company
  • Shorter video versions ideal for social media that are formatted correctly for various platforms
  • Seamless implementation of your custom graphics, logos, text, style, and branding
  • 1-2 rounds of feedback included if necessary (most projects do not exceed this amount)


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"I did want to pay her more because she had experience and I'm really glad I did! I love my Facebook ad - I'll probably use this in a lot of different ways."

Jennifer Hitchcock

Owner, Orlando Tree Consulting

how it works

With our remote video package, Goldfish Theory can edit an impactful, high-quality, professionally-produced marketing video for your business in just three easy steps.


Our producer will learn about your business during the free consultation call to hone your pitch, write a script, advise on your shooting location, develop your shot list, and double-check that you are set up with all of the equipment you need to ensure that your smartphone or camera is capturing professional, high-quality footage.


We send you our DIY filming tips and tricks to be effective on camera and you film your pitch video and b-roll using your camera or smartphone. This will take 2-4 hours!


You send us your footage, b-roll, logos, and supporting photos and our editor creates a beautiful, high-quality marketing video for your business featuring a custom branded graphics package, licensed music, feedback implementation, and more! We make sure you sound and look your best.


have questions?

Our team has years of experience making branded company videos and we would be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss your unique industry challenges and how video can contribute to your marketing strategy!

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