Sizzle Videos

A sizzle video is meant to engage and energize viewers.

It can be used for a variety of topics: companies, events, personalities, promotions, and releases, among other things. 

We recommend sizzle videos for clients trying to generate excitement about their brand. 

Reality TV Sample

CLIENT Social Evolution Films

LENGTH 1.5 minutes


Compile interview and multiple shoots into a sizzle reel to be pitched to networks
• Convey main show directives, talent personality, and emotions to expect from a full TV series

Filmed by Social Evolution Films. Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Corporate Sample

CLIENT Ancestry

LENGTH 2 minutes


Create a sizzle reel of Ancestry projects beyond what they’re typically known for
• Elicit an emotional response in the viewer and encourage corporate partnerships  

Footage provided by client. Edit by Melia Sigmon. 

Non-Profit Sample

CLIENT Extra Life

LENGTH 1 minute


Create a sizzle that compiles highlights from the year, educates viewers on the cause, and gets people hyped for the upcoming year
• Synthesize clips that come from a variety of sources, events, and formats

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

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