Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video is a positive experience that a client or customer has had with your company, product, or service. 

A testimonial video is a very effective way to show your potential customers the benefits of working with your company. 

It’s primarily a specific case that covers who the customer is, what problems they faced, and how your company solved those problems and improved their life. These videos are ideal for social media, advertisements, and your website’s testimonials page.  

Getting great testimonial videos is easier than ever. Do you have a repeat client that always purchases your latest products or shares everything you do on social media? Maximize and duplicate this outlier by asking for a video testimonial. 

By sponsoring and showcasing others, you can curate and control the content that is displayed, created, and edited. You end up attracting similar clients who wish to achieve the same results. 

Testimonial videos are recommended for clients who sell to a cold audience because these show results, use social proof, and feel authentic because the reviewer has no direct stake in the company.

Brick-and-Mortar Sample

CLIENT Rocksteady Bodyworks

LENGTH 1 minute


Encourage viewers to engage with the company by showing testimonials from multiple customers and teachers
• Show what classes would look like using b-roll

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory.

Tech Sample


LENGTH 2 minutes


Create testimonial from a client interview
• Provide specific examples of how the technology helped their client achieve company goals

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Non-Profit Sample


LENGTH ~4 minutes


• Show how the client significantly and consistently helps the community

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Agency Sample

CLIENT Number Six

LENGTH 2 minutes & 3.5 minutes


Introduce the client and their main objectives using multiple interviews
• Convey the expertise and passion that the team has for their work

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Tech Sample


LENGTH ~2.5 minutes


Cut a 3-camera interview into one cohesive story
• Include specific examples of how the client improved the company’s workflow

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

Service Sample

CLIENT Spartan Sanitation

LENGTH 1 minute


• Show how the company solved a problem their client was facing 

Filmed by BW Productions. Story/Edit by Goldfish Theory. 

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