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We help fellow creatives be better storytellers and savvy at what they do.

We explore the art of storytelling and business from a higher level and dig deep into concepts that improve our craft.

We call our findings our theories. 

We’re on a quest to find and test the best.

Story Design

Curate stories that grab attention and deliver impact.

Editing Tips

Hacks for being a stronger and faster video editor.

Business Musings

The work behind the work that affects your bottom line.

The thing about theories is…

They’re never immediately perfect.

They take time, consideration, and a level of blind trust.

They are the truest thing we know until we find something better. 

They change and grow, just like us.


Theories are our internal strategies and guiding principles.

Theories drive our decisions, improve our portfolio, and inspire the hustle.

Goldfish Theory’s

Theory Series

Be a better storyteller. Be a better video editor. Be better at business.

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