Long story short.

The Goldfish Theory states that brands have less than 10 seconds to stop a social media user. Businesses must consistently post branded microcontent that encourages engagement and awareness. 


Short story long.

Have you heard the jokes about the attention span of a goldfish? Well, today’s humans aren’t far off.
Recent studies show that you have seconds to convert an individual who is mindlessly consuming Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or whatever the kids are into these days. But we don’t need science to tell us that, we’ve all been the goldfish before.



Flexible marketing.

There’s no magic lever to pull that maxes out the effectiveness of your marketing budget. It’s not one hashtag or one giveaway or one hair flip from the right influencer. It’s a holistic approach and an adaptive process. 

When every bit of media that your company puts out has a unique purpose under a unified goal, and those posts strategically happen every day, something magnetic begins to happen. Followers want to hear more from you.

Stay top of mind.

It’s difficult to get someone to watch your 5-minute “About Us” video, but when it gets spoon-fed to them? Oh, the places we’ll go.
Good marketing has the snowball effect. The more engagement you earn, the more algorithms deem your content worth viewing. And the more that engagement can be converted to shares, subscribes, and sales.


Straight to your inbox.

You tell us promotions and events on the horizon and we create and deliver content straight to your inbox – ahead of schedule, like magic. If something isn’t quite right, your feedback can bring it to perfection.
The more that gets posted, the more metrics we can gather to forge a path forward. We’re a great alternative to hiring an in-house production team.


Stop wasting your time and money on boring content.

Goldfish Theory provides second chances for second glances. Every effort we make combats the human tendency to lose interest. We help brands stay relevant in a goldfish world.


We’re social animals.