Masterful Video Editing

We produce stories that keep the attention span of a goldfish

Goldfish Theory is an Atlanta-based video agency that thrives in editing interviews.

Most of our work is editing talking heads – company and nonprofit videos, conference videos, and stories that make you feel something.

Owner and Lead Editor Melia Sigmon has extensive experience with authentic story development. She has earned a reputation for her innate sense of creative direction and her ability to take a project from footage dump to final edit.

Real Client Feedback
Trusted to work with brands you may have heard of:
If you’ve made it this far, your project probably needs an expert. 

When it comes to editing down a ton of footage, there are so many potential storylines, emotions, and decisions to make.

Goldfish Theory has a rigorous process for taking terabytes of footage and turning it into succinct, compelling narratives.

From editing quick turnaround conference videos on-site to transforming 20 hours of random interview footage into a polished video series, we create content competently. 

Our specialty is short form videos, but we’ve created content up to 45 minutes long.


Goldfish Theory Capabilities

Corporate Videos | Company Overviews | Testimonials | Tradeshow Videos | Social Media Videos | Announcements | Recruitment Videos | Nonprofit Content | Mini-Documentaries | Sizzle Reels and Teasers | TV Pitches | Promo Videos | Brand Anthems | Event Recaps |  YouTube Series | Instagram Reels | Fundraising Videos | And More – Just Ask!

Meet Melia Sigmon

From a PSA that played during the Superbowl to an edit that went very viral on TikTok, Melia knows how to keep a viewer viewing. 

Her expertise in editing together interviews comes from working hand-in-hand with production companies as a freelance video editor. She gained experience in corporate talking heads, non-profit missions, and the deep human need to share stories that truly matter.

She’s passionate about her work and even more passionate about making sure each project is a success for everyone involved. Some of her favorite topics to collaborate on include Women Empowerment, Diversity and Inclusion, and Nonprofit missions. You’ll often find her crying at her desk (happy tears, because the story is damn good).