Goldfish Theory x Nonprofit // 2024 Partnership Program

Goldfish Theory is happy to announce that our 2024 Nonprofit Partnership Program application is open!

Goldfish Theory strives to be a source of happiness and positivity. We love to share stories that further the missions of the do-gooders of the world, especially if they're right in our community. We are looking to partner with an Atlanta-based nonprofit to tell their story.

Our partner will receive a 3-5 minute fully-produced video of their nonprofit's story that they can use to promote their mission. We will cover the costs of pre-production, shooting, and editing - we just ask for a bit of your time and willingness to let us use the content we film as a teaching tool. 


  • Willing to work with us on producing a video for you!
  • Must have a physical location in the Atlanta area that's available for filming.
  • Must be available for (1) business day to film content. 
  • Ideally have 3-8 individuals willing to be interviewed on camera about the nonprofit (can be a mix of employees, testimonials, volunteers, event participants, etc)

What's in it for us?

  • We get to showcase our skills as a case study and teaching moment as story producers and editors.
  • We get the warm fuzzies from doing something good :) 

How to Apply

Thank you for your time and consideration. We're looking forward to working with some of Atlanta's nonprofits this year!



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