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Conducting On-Camera Interviews for Corporate Videos

Conducting On-Camera Interviews for Corporate Videos

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Learn how to get great interviews.

Corporate and non-profit clients often rely on interview-driven video projects because of the storytelling aspect. 

If you're looking to book more "talking heads" work (there's plenty of it out there), being able to conduct interviews that produce authentic and impactful stories is vital. 

Learn what you should ask the client in the discovery phase and exactly what to say to interview subjects to get golden sound bites. 

Learn strategies for interviewing a Nervous Nellie, Chatty Kathy, or Boring Bob - among other common types of talkers.

Included Checklists bring peace of mind if, like me, you sometimes think "I really hope I don't fuck this up for my client."

But most importantly, learn how to end up with so much great interview footage that it's hard to narrow down to what makes the final cut.

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