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Entry-Level Resumes That Get You Noticed

Entry-Level Resumes That Get You Noticed

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Learn how to write a resume that gets noticed.

A bad resume can have you spinning your wheels for years before you get traction on your career, which is a tough start in the creative industry. 

A resume is the first (and sometimes only) impression a hiring manager gets before they decide if someone is worth an interview. 

If your job search isn't making it to the interview phase, it could be your resume.

A great resume can get your foot in the door, enable you to negotiate higher pay, and forward your career in leaps and bounds. 

Creating your own resume is an authentic DIY alternative to an AI-generated mess or hiring a stranger that doesn't care about you to whip something up. 

This workshop gives line-by-line recommendations for writing a resume that impresses.

Also, a great resume is possible even if you're just starting out and have little-to-no relevant work experience to show. Remember, you just need to leave a better impression than other applicants at your experience level.

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