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The Freelancer's Mindset

The Freelancer's Mindset

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Seven years ago, I deeply believed that if I put the same level of effort into freelancing as I did into my 9-5, I would be happier and more successful because I would have the freedom to shape my life exactly how I wanted it to be.

I was right, but it wasn't an easy transition. Between your current position and your freelancing dream life is a whole slew of confusion, problems, and fears.

Having the right mindset will get you through all of it. 

But getting into freelancing can't just be about mindset, right? That's why this guide covers the rest of it too:

  • Exactly what to get clarity on when determining direction
  • The mental hoops you need to jump through to feel prepared
  • A step-by-step list of tasks to launch yourself as a freelancer
  • And how to navigate common struggles that new freelancers face

If you're looking for advice from the other side, this is it. 

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