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[FREE] Freelance Income Spreadsheet

[FREE] Freelance Income Spreadsheet

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A lot of creatives think about freelancing, but never find the right mindset to get started. They vaguely list "money" as the reason why, when it's actually very easy to have clarity on your financial needs and wants. You just have to do the math: 

[Monthly expenses] x [# of months in savings to feel comfortable] = [an exact answer.]

This calculator takes it a step further and helps you determine how much your dream life would cost (the number will surprise you!) and breaks your financial goals down in a way that tracks and adjusts to your progress throughout the year.  

This spreadsheet was created as part of The Freelancer's Mindset guide to help individuals get clarity so they can make empowered decisions.

Don't let vague fears keep you stuck - do the math. 

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